Our Cork

Bottle plugs, coasters, and bulletin boards may come to mind when thinking of cork. However, those products typically are made from “scrap” cork that has been ground up and fused together. They have as much in common with premium cork products as cheap pressboard has in common with milled hickory.

When harvested for such items as wallets, purses, handbags, and now cat collars, cork is as strong and durable as leather, yet lighter weight. Cork is a natural product and therefore each piece has beautiful, unique characteristics like leather and wood products. In fact, cork is a wood product, coming from the bark of cork oak trees.

Cork is a 100% renewable product. Once the bark is harvested, the tree begins regenerating the lost bark, and the process repeats. Most cork oaks live over 200 years. Our cork is sourced from Portugal, recognized for making the highest quality cork cording available.