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Breakaway Cat Collar with Identification

We’ve created the ultimate luxury cat collar

Perfect CircleTM Concept

Once a cat has stopped growing (1 year) there is no longer a need for it to wear a cat collar with size adjustability and the extra bulk and inelegance that comes with it (overlap, slider devices, hanging collar ends, awkward shaping). These issues interfere with collar comfort and appearance, and are amplified with thicker, high-end materials such as cork and leather.

Image showing buckle side of pink leather breakaway cat collar.

With these ideas in mind, we created beautifully minimalistic, exceptional cat collars for adult cats*. Cat collars that allow the beauty of its premium materials to emanate and are as comfortable and safe as possible for the cat.

Image of cork breakaway cat collar showing pet identification tag.

Our sizing system, One-Click-FitTM, is incredibly simple. Our Detach-HatchTM provides a breakaway safety feature.  Our metal tags are curved to the shape of the collar (again for both aesthetic and comfort purposes), and include highly visible, diamond engraved text that can be read from a distance (lost cats don’t always come up to humans at close range). Includes removable spring clip for optional add-ons.

Image of Perfect Circle cork cat collar on orange cat showing name and phone number.

Our cat collars are hand crafted in the United States from premium cork or full grain vegetable tanned leather. We know our collars aren’t for everyone and certainly not “for the masses”, but if you’re intrigued at all please read more about our sizing and breakaway systems, material/color options, and where our materials are sourced. If you are looking for a premium, unique, and beautifully simplistic cat collar, you may be in the right place.

*Our cat collars are not designed for growing kittens that benefit from periodic increases in size of collar until fully grown. We recommend adjustable nylon breakaway collars with ID embroidery found in all major marketplaces.

Illustration of cat collar being cut to size to fit cat.
Cut to size between 2 domes
Large illustration of cat collar showing open hatch with collar sliding in.
Insert end of collar into cavity
Large illustration of cat collar showing hatch closing over dome.
Close the hatch
Image of open cat collar after breakaway function occurs.
Detach-Hatch breakaway system opens if tugged past threshold force
Image of blue leather cat collar showing attached ID tag.
Cat name and phone number attached to collar

Cork Colors

Image of cork color black.
Image of cork color blueberry.
Image of cork color boysenberry.
Image of cork color coral.
Image of cork color grapefruit.
Image of cork color midnight blue.
Midnight Blue
Image of cork color pistachio.
Image of cork color sky blue.
Sky Blue
Image of cork color sweet potato.
Sweet Potato
Image of cork color walnut.

Cork Breakaway Cat Collar with Identification: $23

Leather Colors

Image showing collection of seven colors of leather breakaway cat collars.
Image of leather color black.
Image of leather color blue.
Image of leather color British tan.
British Tan
Image of leather color brown.
Image of leather color green.
Image of leather color pink.
Image of leather color red.

Leather Breakaway Cat Collar with Identification: $25

Patents pending on breakaway and sizing systems