Adult Cork Cat Collars

Once a cat has stopped growing, there is no longer a need for it to wear a collar with size adjustability and the extra bulk and inelegance that comes with it (overlap, slider devices, hanging collar ends, awkward shaping). These issues interfere with collar comfort and appearance, and are amplified with thicker, high-end materials such as cork.

The sizing system, One-Click-FitTM, is incredibly simple. The breakaway feature, Detach-HatchTM, provides a reliable escape means if needed. Includes removable spring clip for a bell if desired.


Cut to size between 2 domes.
Place end of collar into buckle cavity.
Close the hatch.


Spring Clip – for bells, tags, etc. Remove (or apply) one side at a time as shown.
Detach Hatch opens and releases collar when pulling force on collar becomes excessive.