Firstly, a few things about cork, which in spite of first impressions, is a remarkably exciting material. Renewable, biodegradable, recyclable, and PETA and Sierra Club approved. But even if it weren’t all those things, consider this: It’s as strong as leather yet half the weight, and like fine leather, every piece has unique markings and they age beautifully. To be clear, in my leather comparison statements I am referring to cork harvested and processed specifically for textile purposes – handbags, wallets, watch straps, shoes, backpacks, and much more (including cat collars).

A Very Brief Introduction

I didn’t design and patent the very first breakaway cat collar, but I did do those things for the very first fully functional breakaway cat collar with a manufacturing cost that made the product popular. #4881492 granted in 1989. Two prongs, each with a protuberance at the end… the same design still in use today.

My love of cats literally goes as far back as I can remember. I also have a passion for craftmanship – well made aesthetically pleasing stuff that was intelligently designed and lasts a long time. Those two interests are why I make the worlds best designed cat collars. I’m retired and I do this because I enjoy it.

Jeff Jones, Owner