I love cats. There’s never been a point in my life when I haven’t had cats in my family making life more interesting and joyful. As the grandson of veterinarians in Seattle, I was often instructed not to use cat collars since they frequently had cases of them getting caught on obstacles leading to serious injury or worse. Yet this conflicted with the need to have identification on the cat should it get lost. 

Of course it’s now common knowledge that a cat collar should have a breakaway means for the cat to escape if it gets caught. However, back in the early 1980’s there were no such products available and I set out to create one. That project included a patented break-away buckle design widely used throughout the pet product industry today.

Image of red leather cat collar showing domes that are involved in both sizing and breakaway function.

For my current endeavor, I’ve taken elements from the original cat collar design, improved upon them, and created the breakaway cat collar products detailed on this website.

In creating our product, we have the help of fine craftsmen in America and Europe creating the components of the collar. Miguel in Portugal creates the cork bands. Mr. Pitka in Allen, Texas sources, cuts, and hand dyes our leather. Wayne in San Diego, California makes the buckle mechanism. Brian in Valencia, California makes the aluminum tags we rivet to our collars. William in Temecula, California makes our spring clips. Nathan in Compton, California anodizes our tags and rivets. It’s fantastic to have all these professionals working with us to make the product what it is – the ultimate cat collar.

Jeff Jones
Jeff’s Collars

Image of 2 cats together on sofa.
Emma and Kate